Alcohol / Drug Evaluations

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DUI is a crime that by definition involves alcohol or drugs.

For some people their actions were an isolated incident because of the use of alcohol or drugs.  Other people may have a more significant problem with alcohol or drugs and may abuse them or have become dependent upon them. 

All courts will require an alcohol or drug evaluation and to follow any recommended treatment (unless of course your charges are dismissed).

Alcohol / Drug Evaluations

We will help you:

  • Determine if an evaluation is necessary.
  • Recommend treatment agencies if appropriate.


We work with different treatment agencies around the state to make sure that our clients get the appropriate level of treatment.

For a Washington State DUI the minimum amount of treatment is an eight hour class.  This is for someone who has "no significant problem" with alcohol.

For someone who is alcohol dependent, the treatment is much more intensive.  It begins with 72 hours of intensive outpatient treatment.  This is usually three days a week for three hours each time.  This is followed by weekly treatment sessions and then monthly sessions.

Mental Health Evaluations:

Some people facing DUI charges also have mental health issues.  If you face depression, are bi-polar or have any other mental health issue, it may be important to get a mental health evaluation.  Some of our clients have never sought treatment for mental health issues and we have helped them to find an appropriate treatment provider.  Other clients we have helped are in treatment and have needed help notifying their current provider of the charges faced, while at the same time protecting all their constitutional rights.  We can help advise you on how to do this.

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