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Following are some Press items related to Geoffrey Burg and his involvement in Washington DUI issues.

Burg/Fulton: Trusted, Experienced, Ready to Help!
Burg/Fulton: Trusted, Experienced, Ready to Help!
  1. The Conversation - Is Washington Too Soft On DUI Cases?
    KUOW Radio Program: Guest Geoffrey Burg, Washington DUI Attorney.
  2. Hundreds of DUIs Put In Doubt: Technicians Didn't Follow Rules In Checking Breath-Test Machines.-
    This article explains Geoff's part in an important King County "Breath Test" court ruling. Published in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer by Tracy Johnson
  3. Charges Against Recruiter Dropped
    Seattle Times Snohomish County Bureau.
  4. Bar and Driver
    Stranger: Attorneys amass big money to oust judges they dislike.  This is a story about a political action committee called Citizens for Judicial Excellence that Geoff and Patricia were founding members of.  The goal of the PAC was to seek the best judges and get rid of the lowest rated judges.  In our first election cycle 4 out of our 5 endorsed candidates won.  It has been a huge improvement for the bench in King County.
  5. Students and the Law
    West Seattle Blog - Know the consequences before you act.  This was based on a presentation the Geoff and Patricia gave at Chief Sealth high school.

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