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DUI Penalties in Washington State

Burg/Fulton: Trusted, Experienced, Ready to Help!
Burg/Fulton: Trusted, Experienced, Ready to Help!

A DUI arrest in Washington state can have many consequences – from criminal penalties, licensing consequences to immigration issues

These pages are intended to help educate you on the collateral consequences a DUI can have on your life that you may not be aware of. 

It is best to speak to an attorney to determine how these issues may affect your life.

Our web site talks in depth about the different penalties and Department of Licensing consequences

The State of Washington also maintains a the "Current DUI Sentencing Grid" which contains the DUI Sentencing Grid; DUI Administrative Sanctions and Reinstatement  Provisions. 

This is a good source for both the current DUI sentencing laws and the historical laws starting in 1985.


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