Reckless Endangerment Reduction from DUI in Washington State

Reckless Endangerment Facts:

  • Gross misdemeanor.
  • No licensing suspension.
  • No mandatory ignition interlock.
  • Potential immigration consequences.

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Reckless endangerment is generally considered a lesser charge than DUI.  

Prosecutors may agree to reduce a Washington State DUI charge to reckless endangerment under some circumstances. 

Many people consider a reduction to reckless endangerment a great result for their case.

Burg/Fulton: Trusted, Experienced, Ready to Help!
Burg/Fulton: Trusted, Experienced, Ready to Help!

A reckless endangerment conviction does not carry with it any mandatory jail, fines, or a requirement for an ignition interlock device. 

If your DUI charge is amended to reckless endangerment and you are later accused of another DUI / DWI related crime, then the reckless endangerment will be considered a “prior offense” and will enhance the mandatory penalties on the new charge. 

If you are not a U.S. citizen, a reckless endangerment conviction may have adverse affects on your status in the United States.  We recommend consulting with an immigration attorney before pleading guilty to any criminal charge if you are not a U.S. citizen. 

RCW 9A.36.050
Reckless endangerment.

(1) A person is guilty of reckless endangerment when he or she recklessly engages in conduct not amounting to drive-by shooting but that creates a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury to another person.

(2) Reckless endangerment is a gross misdemeanor.

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