Potential Outcomes of Your DUI Case

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Burg & Lantz: WA DUI Defense

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How should your case be resolved?

There are a variety of ways that your Washington State DUI case may be resolved. 

While we can't promise any outcomes, we can tell you what the different possibilities may be. Every Washington State DUI case is unique.

Our experience is that if a prosecutor is going to negotiate your case for a plea bargain they look at two things, the law and the equities.

Does the law favor your case?

Can the case be proven beyond a reasonable doubt?  If the prosecutor believes that there are legal problems with the case could lead a judge to throw out evidence or dismiss your case (such as an unlawful stop or an improperly conducted breath test) then the prosecutor is more likely to negotiate. 

We search for all legal problems with your case - including the stop, detention, arrest and how the breath test was performed. 

We are good at spotting legal problems.  However, please remember that a prosecutor never has to negotiate, they have a right to trial in the same way that you do.

Are there "equities" that make it fair to reduce the charges?

When negotiating, prosecutors will sometimes (not always) look at the "equities" or issues of fairness. 

Are there some "mitigating" circumstances that led to your DUI arrest? 

I.E. did you just lose a job, spouse, loved one?  Do you have any criminal history?  If not this may help negotiate.  Do you have any DUI related history?  Again, if not, this will help us to negotiate your case. 

Our experience is that the higher the breath test or the more criminal history someone has, the harder it is not negotiate based on the equities.

Your goals.

We will sit down with you and discuss what your goals and needs are and what may (and may not) be possible. 

We will then work to get a satisfactory result - whether it is to negotiate a plea bargain, go to trial, or avoid trial under any circumstances. 

Throughout the process we will provide you with your options and will work with you to decide which option will be best for you.

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