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EXCELLENT DUI Lawyer! .... Geoff got it done! If you are faced with a DUI, READ THIS REVIEW!!

I was extremely concerned / afraid / worried / stressed after being pulled over and arrested by a State Patrol officer for a DUI after a work celebration. This was my first arrest, so I had no prior experience with the judicial system. I was pretty terrified. If you are reading this review, you are probably also faced with a DUI, and you are probably also terrified like I was, with a number of questions and scenarios running through your head... Keep on reading.... I had preliminary conversations with 5 different lawyers, and Geoffrey Burg put me the most at-ease of all of them and seemed to be the most experienced and trustworthy of all of them. A couple of the people I spoke with, although seemingly experienced, were relatively young in the game.... I know that some of the guys with fewer years may be good (and cheaper), but I felt that it was not worth risking my career or a big red X on my personal (criminal background) record just to save a few dollars by going with one of the less-experienced guys. Geoff had a much longer track record, specifically at DUI defense. Geoff was not the cheapest of the lawyers I looked at, but he was also not the most expensive, and he was certainly worth it!!! I'll get to that in a sec though... (Geoff's website is also EXTREMELY HELPFUL for people who have questions about DUI's in Washington). Geoff just made me feel very at-ease, which was very important to me during this process, and it will be very important to you as well! After our initial phone conversation, I went to Geoff's office to meet with him in person. **I was very concerned, and am naturally inquisitive, so I asked A LOT OF QUESTIONS!!! Probably more than most!! Geoff answered them All, even the ones I asked him over and over and over again...** Geoff was very easy to talk to, and he very quickly put me at ease about the process, in terms of the fact that, by hiring him, he would make sure that all the deadlines, caveats, and details were covered. Geoff made it very clear that he could not make any guarantees regarding results. However, he showed me some very impressive stats concerning his results in DUI cases... I am happy to state that the outcome of my case has added one more positive result to Geoff's impressive track record of DUI case results. Geoff had previously told me that he knows the Judges (as there is a very limited number of judges that handle these cases). When we got to court, I quickly realized that Geoff and the Judge knew each other, as they jokingly exchanged a little bit of banter during the proceedings. Without going into too much detail, I'll say that the outcome of the case was the best outcome that I could have asked for given my scenario. It is pretty much as if it never happened!!!! I feel like there is definitely a benefit to having a lawyer who knows the courts and knows the judges, which is something you might not get when dealing with one of the less-experienced guys. I don't know for certain, as I haven't dealt with those guys, but I personally did not want to risk it. So to summarize, I cannot stress how relaxed Geoff made me feel throughout the process. Geoff was quick to respond to any email I sent him, even on the weekend. He was extremely thorough with everything pertaining to the case. And although Geoff did not make me any promises going in, he delivered the results that I was hoping for! Going through the phone book, you'll no-doubt encounter a few guys who are cheaper than Geoff, but I think they are cheaper for a reason (i.e. they don't have the credentials and track record that Geoff does). For me, the experience, the assurance, and the results I got from using Geoff re-confirmed in my mind why I chose him to defend me. Although I hope to never require Geoff's services again, I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for excellent, thorough, and experienced DUI defense! L.M. - Seattle, WA
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