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Client in Fear of Losing Job for Washington State DUI Recommends Geoffrey Burg

I know how you feel and I am sorry you are faced with finding a lawyer to represent you. The seriousness of a DWI can follow you for the rest of your life not to mention the immediate impacts it will have on your life. All circumstances are different in DWI cases and while there are no “guarantees” I am grateful to Geoff for not once but twice helping me through a difficult time. He was very successful in representing me and I know he will get you the best possible outcome. His knowledge of the law is unsurpassed. I would recommend Geoff to anyone facing charges of a DWI. For me I was facing loosing my job which would have had terrible ripple effects, jail time, fines, suspended drivers license, high risk auto insurance and more. I did not loose my job or driving privilege, my fines could have been more severe. The outcome that Geoff made possible in my case(s) made me feel overwhelmingly successful, lucky and grateful. Geoff is not the cheapest Attorney but in the case of representing you in the Court of Law, I have found, you do get everything you pay for. You're in a difficult time and I hope you have good representation because you're going to need it.

– Client in Fear of Losing Job for Washington State DUI