Client & Attorney Recommendations

"Completely Satisfied" from a Microsoft Employee Recommends Geoffrey Burg

Geoff was a fantastic attorney and I’m very happy that I chose him to defend me against my DUI charge. He was patient in answering my questions, kept me at ease, was responsive, prompt, carefully explained next steps, gave clear advice, and was able to deliver the reduced charges discussed during our consultation. I am very happy. Considering his experience and knowledge, he also offers a tremendous value, which should not be ignored. Though I met with many attorneys at the beginning and turned down some great ones, I have no doubt that I made the right choice in Geoff.
– "Completely Satisfied" from a Microsoft Employee

It is not uncommon for people working at some of the large corporations in Washington (Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, etc.) to get arrested. I have represented many of these individuals and have been able to help them work through with issues that may impact their careers. Geoff Burg