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"Great Attorney" From a former FBI agent and airline pilot. Recommends Geoffrey Burg

I was a guy who has never had any legal problems in 63 years of life. I had never even come close to having an encounter with the police or the court system for anything. The only attorneys I had ever used was for estate planning and a civil action. However, that changed in an instant one afternoon. I made a stupid mistake and had a serious accident and was charged with a DUI. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. For the first time in my life I was ‘in the system’ and I felt like I had a target painted on me. I was referred to Geoff by a friend who had a similar event as mine. From the get-go Geoff took charge. After telling him my situation he laid out exactly what I could expect to happen and what would be required of me. Geoff always kept me informed of the progress of the case and what he felt could be done to resolve it. He was professional, informed and his experience level was exemplified in his court appearances. One of Geoff’s most important qualities was the reassurances he would give me during a most troublesome time in my life. If you are reading this testimonial you are in obvious need of a good attorney. Geoff Burg is your man!
– "Great Attorney" From a former FBI agent and airline pilot.