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Testimonial by Ken Who Had Two DUI Cases in Seattle Municipal Court Recommends Geoffrey Burg

In August of 2007, I was unfortunately arrested for a DUI by the Seattle police. After interviewing many attorneys, I hired Geoff Burg to handle my case. Over the months that followed of going through the court process, Mr. Burg was able to get my DUI charge reduced to a ‘Negligent-1‘. As people will find out when being charged with a DUI, not only will you have to contend with the court system, but you will also have to deal with “Department Of Licensing,” who can independently suspend your license (and in most cases do) regardless of any outcome with the court. I was very happy when Geoff prevailed in my hearing with the Department Of Licensing, with no suspension of my driving privileges. Six months later in February of 2008, I’m not happy to admit that I received a second DUI by the Seattle police. I once again hired Mr. Burg to handle my case and he managed to get the DUI dismissed completely with the court, and he once again prevailed with the Department Of Licensing hearing, with absolutely no consequence to me. While going through the court process two times with Mr. Burg, I came to learn that he is also well respected by the Judges and Prosecuting Attorney’s office. I believe this can be very important in the decision making process on the court’s part. We as people, all tend to subjectively do more for those who we like and respect in this world, and I’m sure that other attorneys with less admiration and influence may not have received the same outcome that Mr. Burg was able to obtained for me. So if you’re considering hiring an attorney, I would highly recommend Geoff Burg to handle your case. Feel free to contact me by phone or email if you should want to talk to me personally about my opinion. Mr. Burg has my contact information.
– Testimonial by Ken Who Had Two DUI Cases in Seattle Municipal Court