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"THE BEST" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

After getting a 2nd DUI (.088) in 4 years, I was in need of some serious counsel. Geoff came highly recommended— and for good reason. I’d recently graduated from a 4 year university, and secured a dream job in my field. So the DUI was devastating to say the least. Upon meeting with Geoff, we assessed and discussed the individual circumstances of my case. He took into consideration my character and expectations and together we were able to build a case that worked for me. I had certain goals cough not going to jail! Geoff was upfront with me. He explained to me the reality of the situation, and what I needed to do to have a chance. It was a lot of hard work. It took some time, several continuances. But well worth it. First of all, he was able to get my breath-test thrown out; I never lost my license. And after finally getting in front of the judge, I plead guilty to reckless driving! What? Yeah. Geoff is an excellent lawyer. He will treat you with respect, and he will be honest.