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At the Law Offices of Geoffrey Burg, LLC, we have developed negotiation strategies to increase the likelihood that we are able to accomplish our client's goals in a driving under the influence (DUI) case. 

In most DUI cases, our goal is to reduce the charges.  This may be to a lesser charge such as reckless driving or negligent driving.  These lesser charges allow our clients to avoid some DUI consequences such as mandatory jail, ignition interlock device requirements, and a DUI on the client's record.  

Other than trial, the negotiation is one of the most important aspects of a client's case.  There are certain facts that we cannot change such as a client's record, the printed breath test result, an in-car video, etc.  However, there are things within our control that can help with negotiation.  We explain to our clients that, if there are things we can do to improve our negotiation position, then we should do them. 

The most important thing a client can do to help us with negotiation is to complete an alcohol evaluation as soon as possible, an alcohol drug information school class, and a DUI victim impact panel.  These three tasks allow us to introduce positive information into a negotiation.  For most clients, it will allow us to share that our client has no problem with alcohol so the prosecutor can feel comfortable giving us a deal.  We can also explain how responsible and proactive our client has been.  This is a much better scenario in negotiation than when the prosecutor askes, "has your client done an eval?" and our response is an awkward silence.  

We have identified alcohol treatment agencies that treat our clients with respect and provide good customer service.  We also refer clients to agencies that will not take advantage of our clients and recommend unnecessary treatment.  In fact, these agencies understand that an isolated slipup does not mean a person necessarily has a problem with alcohol.

We believe in good client communication and working together to accomplish results.  We will provide you with a to-do list that will empower you and help put us in the best negotiation position possible for your DUI case.

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Jason Lantz

Jason Lantz, attorney at the Law Offices of Geoffrey Burg, LLC, focuses his practice on criminal and DUI defense. Jason obtained his B.S. in Life Science from Kansas State University and graduated from Seattle University School of Law with honors. Jason has been one of the leaders of the Washington Draeger Litigation Project since January 2015. The Draeger is Washington state's relatively new breath testing machine. Jason has spent hundreds of hours researching the Draeger Alcotest 9510, talking to experts, and coordinating litigation. His Draeger work was recently featured on the New York Times television news program "The Weekly."


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