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"Exceptional Review" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

“You have enough to worry about. Regarding the legal side of things, let me worry for you.” My initial conversation with Geoff Burg left me feeling overwhelmingly confident in his abilities as a defense trial attorney. I felt constantly reassured of his full attention and concern as he steered me through a complex, and seemingly insurmountable, legal obstacle. I am accustomed to interacting with the highest levels of professionalism and technical expertise from General Officers in nearly half a dozen militaries around the world. Mr. Burg and his staff exceeded my utmost expectations time and again. He was able to assuage my deepest concerns regarding my DUI while remaining professional and personable at all times. He is an expert in the courtroom, leaving no shred of doubt in my mind that I was in good hands. His diplomatic interaction with the prosecution, legal aides and the Judge himself, was utterly impressive; I was glad he was working with me and not against me. He stood shoulder to shoulder with me at all times during court proceedings, constantly setting my mind a ease knowing that I had a professional by my side. He stood far above the other defense attorneys in the courtroom, none of whom I would even remotely consider after working with Geoff Burg. His command of the minutia of the RCW led me to believe the entire process (from the initial consultation to a follow-up after the case was deferred) was a literal walk in the park for him. But at no time did I feel I was unimportant or unworthy of his full attention and efforts. He answered every one of my questions, breaking them down in a manner that was both easy to understand and professional. I have absolutely no reticence whatsoever in recommending his firm to anyone who requires a personable and professional translation of the otherwise unnavigable legal process of a DUI. Michael
– "Exceptional Review"