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"The best and a must if you need a DUI Lawyer" by Cameron Recommends Geoffrey Burg

Okay, First off, if your checking out these reviews, I know where you are and what your going through! I was freaking out when I got my DUI. I was just not prepared for what was going to happen next. Its a very emotional ride. If your like me you kinda have a lot of regret and feel like a failure. For me i was one month away from getting married, already strapped for cash, and the thought of paying more money to hire a lawyer, well seemed almost out of the question. Needless to say it was a lot of unwanted and extra stress. I wasn’t sure were to go who to see so i just started seeing everyone. I visited about half a dozen or so lawyers before i meet with Geoff. I talked to a few over the phone and meet with some at their office. Most lawyers will offer you a free consolation. The purpose is for you to tell them about your case and have them kinda see if they can help you. Let me tell you something about lawyers, you need to meet them in person. I am a very firm believer especially after going through what i have that you can’t get a good read from an over the phone consultation. I was about to hand over a huge chuck of money to someone, and well frankly i wanted to feel like they deserved my money. I felt like I wasn’t as important to them when they just talked to me over the phone. A few places I went to the staff were not very friendly and basically made me feel even worse. Like i was burdening them with my problem. So, my advice to you make sure to meet in person and look around a little when your there how do the staff act and how do they treat you. That’s one thing that really impressed me about Geoff hes the kinda guy that you really want on your side. His staff and office was very inviting, I felt at ease and that they really cared about what had happened to me and that they would do what they could to help me out. He told me up front what to expect in terms of what he felt were our options. One thing I’d also like to say is keep an open mind that they are just Lawyers and cant promise you anything. However, they also do this day in day out and if your telling them the real facts they can put it together and give you a pretty good accurate idea of what your best hope is. He definitely has a lot of knowledge in his field and from the court dates i went to i could tell he has a very good work relationship with the judges and deafens attorneys. Let me tell you that is a good thing. people take Geoffrey L Burg very seriously. The one thing that I’d like to have you think about is when i meet other lawyers they were very quick to tell me about them how successful they were what school they went to and so on. The thing about it is i didn’t care i wanted to hear them tell me how they were going to help me get through this thing and what they could do to help. That’s one thing that really stuck out on the day that i meet with Geoff he didn’t try and sell me himself. The best thing off all that i can say is I got exactly what i wanted. I love the fact that if i did have a question and asked by either calling or emailing withing an hour i would get a response very prompt and very punctual. . If you haven’t meet with Burg you’d better he’ll change your life.
– "The best and a must if you need a DUI Lawyer" by Cameron

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