Jason Lantz quoted in the Seattle Times regarding Methamphetamine Contamination

Posted by Geoffrey Burg | Mar 02, 2022 | 0 Comments

Jason Lantz, attorney at Burg Criminal Defense, was interviewed by the Seattle Times for his role in suppressing methamphetamine DUI case blood results in Seattle Municipal Court. Jason, along with a group of other attorneys, argued a three-day motion hearing where forensic scientists and defense experts testified.  The motion was based on the fact that the Washington State Patrol toxicology lab was contaminated by methamphetamine production.  Apparently, the crime lab had manufactured methamphetamine in a space that was later occupied by the lab; however, the lab failed to test the space for contamination before they moved in!  The court suppressed the blood results because of the ongoing contamination and failure to timely notify the defense. 

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