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Geoffrey Burg is a highly rated criminal defense attorney. Geoff has been defending people accused of crimes and DUIs since 1994 and has been involved with many of the major criminal defense motions, including winning a series of motions in 2002 that resulted in benefits to hundreds, if not thousands, in King, Island, and Skagit Counties.

Gov. Gregoire Signing DUI Law

Geoff regularly presents to other lawyers at continuing legal education seminars and writes in legal publications. Geoff has lobbied on behalf of WACDL for people accused of crimes and has written and fought for several bills and amendments that were passed into law that have actually helped protect the rights of people accused of crimes.

Geoff is on the board of directors for the Cardozo Society and co-chair of their judicial evaluation committee.  He is also a board member of the Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, a select group of unanimously elected individuals dedicated to educating lawyers and assisting those accused of DUI.  Geoff has been repeatedly recognized as a “Super Lawyer” by Washington Law and Politics Magazine, is rated “Superb” by AVVO, and is a graduate of Gerry Spence's Trail Lawyers College.

Gov. Locke Signing HB1859


Practice Areas

  • Criminal Defense, emphasizing DUI Defense


  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2021
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2020
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2019
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2018
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2017
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2016
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2015
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2014
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2013
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2012
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2011
  • Super Lawyer by Law & Politics Magazine, 2009
  • Super Lawyer, Law & Politics Magazine, 2008
  • Super Lawyer, Law & Politics Magazine, 2004
  • Rising Star, Law & Politics Magazine, 2004
  • Rising Star, Law & Politics Magazine, 2003
  • Rising Star, Law & Politics Magazine, 2002
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2021
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2020
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2019
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2018
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2017
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2016
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2015
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2014
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2013
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2012
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2011
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2010
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2009
  • Superb Lawyer, AVVO, 2008
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2008
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2005
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 2004


  • King County Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Advisory Committee, 2013 - present
  • Cardozo Society: Cardozo Advisory Group - 2013 - present
  • Cardozo Society: Judicial Evaluation Committee, Co-Chair 2016-present; Member 2013 - present; 
  • Brd. of Directors, Washington Association of Criminal Def. Lawyers, 2013
  • Brd. of Directors, Washington Association of Criminal Def. Lawyers, 2012
  • Brd. of Directors, Washington Association of Criminal Def. Lawyers, 2011
  • Brd. of Directors, Washington Association of Criminal Def. Lawyers, 2010
  • Brd. of Directors, Washington Association of Criminal Def. Lawyers, 2009
  • Brd. of Directors, Washington Association of Criminal Def. Lawyers, 2008
  • Brd. of Directors, Lawyers Association Trust, 2017
  • Brd. of Directors, Lawyers Association Trust, 2016
  • Brd. of Directors, Lawyers Association Trust, 2015
  • Brd. of Directors, Lawyers Association Trust, 2014
  • Brd. of Directors, Lawyers Association Trust, 2013
  • Brd. of Directors, Lawyers Association Trust, 2012
  • Brd. of Directors, Citizens for Judicial Excellence, 2012
  • Brd. of Directors, Citizens for Judicial Excellence, 2011
  • Board of Directors & Treasurer, Citizens for Judicial Excellence, 2010
  • Board of Directors & Treasurer, Citizens for Judicial Excellence, 2009
  • Board of Directors & Treasurer, Citizens for Judicial Excellence, 2008
  • Board of Directors & Treasurer, Citizens for Judicial Excellence, 2007
  • Board of Directors & Treasurer, Citizens for Judicial Excellence, 2006
  • Member, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, 1997–present
  • Founding Member, Citizens for Judicial Excellence, 2006
  • Founding Member, Northwest Academy of DUI Defense 1998–present
  • Member, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice 1999–present

Speaking Engagements to Lawyers:

  • Breaking Bad News, Defending DUIs Seminar, 2018
  • Breath Test Issues at Trial, The Defender Association, 2010.
  • The New Ignition Interlock License, The Defender Association, 2009.
  • Understanding the WSP Database, The Public Defender Association, 2009.
  • Prying Reasonable Doubt from an Unreasonable Breath Tech, Defending DUIs Seminar, 2008.
  • The Civil Attorney's Field Guide to Criminal Defense in Washington State, Private Seminar for Civil Attorneys, 2008.
  • Issue Spotting on Breath Test Cases, The Defender Association, 2008.
  • Bad Facts, Bad Law, Try a Little Emotion, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 2006 Annual Conference - To Win the Unwinnable Case, 2006.
  • Destroying the Datamaster, Defending DUIs Seminar 2005.
  • What Every Lawyer Needs to Know about Criminal Defense: The 2 a.m. Phone Call, King County Bar Association, Best of the Year, 2003.


  • A Week in Botswana, 2017, Washington State Bar Association Journal
  • Ignition Interlock Licenses,, 2009.
  • 2008 DUI Legislative Update - Ignition Interlock License, WACDL Criminal Defense, 2008.
  • Seattle Municipal Court DUI Guide,, 2008.
  • Felony DUI Law and 2006 Legislative Update, WACDL Criminal Defense, 2006.
  • DUI Changes - A Boost for Deferred Prosecutions. SB 5644, WACDL Criminal Defense, 2005.
  • The DOL Labyrinth: Basic Questions - Complicated Answers, WACDL Criminal Defense, 2004.
  • DUI Legislative Update - The New ABCs of BACs, IIDs & TRLs, WACDL Criminal Defense, 2004.
  • State Patrol Violates Breath-Alcohol Testing Rules, Trial News Washington State Trial Lawyers, 2002.
  • Judge, Jury And Executioner: The DOL and Due Process in Administrative Hearings, WACDL Criminal Defense, 2001.

Work Experience:

  • Criminal Defense Work since 1994 when I founded the Law Offices of Geoffrey Burg, LLC.


  • Washington State Bar Association, Licensed to practice law in Washington State since 1994.
  • U.S. District Court Western District of Washington, since 1994.
  • No bar complaints or actions.


  • 1994 JD – Juris Doctor from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • 1990 BA – Bachelor of Arts, University of Vermont.
  • 2001 Graduate: Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College.
  • 1999 Graduate:  National College for DUI Defense.

Recent Blog Posts


  • "Awesome!!!" Review by a Client Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    I was in a really bad situation where I felt guilty until proven innocent, and if it wasn’t for Geoff’s having even more knowledge of the law then the judge did, and his great white shark like agression. I probably would’ve been found guilty of something I didn’t do. Thanks Geoff!
  • EXCELLENT DUI Lawyer! .... Geoff got it done! If you are faced with a DUI, READ THIS REVIEW!!

    I was extremely concerned / afraid / worried / stressed after being pulled over and arrested by a State Patrol officer for a DUI after a work celebration. This was my first arrest, so I had no prior experience with the judicial system. I was pretty terrified. If you are reading this review, you a...
  • "THE BEST" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    After getting a 2nd DUI (.088) in 4 years, I was in need of some serious counsel. Geoff came highly recommended— and for good reason. I’d recently graduated from a 4 year university, and secured a dream job in my field. So the DUI was devastating to say the least. Upon meeting with Geoff, we a...
  • "The best working Lawyer I've ever had." Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff helped me out so much. I would recommend him to anyone.
  • "Excellent Attorney and Support Staff" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    My complex DUI case was transformed by Geoff Burg and his staff. Professional in approach and process, efficient with court and details, and distinctively empathetic yet honest about the severity of my case, Geoff Burg listened astutely to my case and the circumstances surrounding it. This law of...
  • Attorney recommendation B.N. - DUI / DWI attorney in Lynnwood, WA

    Geoff is a wealth of DUI expertise and information. He is a personable yet tough advocate. He is an asset to the legal community.
  • Attorney recommendation from J.F. - bankruptcy attorney in Seattle, WA

    "I have known Mr. Burg for three years now. Mr. Burg is among the finest criminal defense attorneys I have ever come across. In addition to his superior knowledge and success rate, he is personable and a really great guy. A rare combination in the legal field. I strongly and unequivocally endorse...
  • "The best and a must if you need a DUI Lawyer" by Cameron Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Okay, First off, if your checking out these reviews, I know where you are and what your going through! I was freaking out when I got my DUI. I was just not prepared for what was going to happen next. Its a very emotional ride. If your like me you kinda have a lot of regret and feel like a failure...
  • Attorney recommendation from N.W. - DUI / DWI attorney in Bellevue, WA

    "Geoff is a highly skilled DUI/DWI attorney who is well-regarded by all in the legal community. He has been at the forefront of complex efforts to bring meaningful and necessary change to the DUI/DWI laws in the state of Washington. His efforts in this endeavor have been tireless, and he brings t...
  • "A Lawyer With Integrity!" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Finding myself in legal trouble was traumatic, to say the least, but the moment I walked into Geoffrey Burg’s office his demeanor put me at ease. I interviewed other attorneys and chose Mr. Burg because of his track record, professionalism, and likeable nature. These qualities proved infallible w...
  • Attorney recommendation from W.B. - fellow lawyer in the community.

    "I endorse this lawyer's work. Geoff is an incredible lawyer. He is tenacious and skilled in the courtroom and he has a passion for the pursuit of justice. He has a reputation as one of the best trial lawyers in the state and I recommend him without hesitation."
  • From Andrew Who Had A Prior Negative Lawyer Experience Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    My previous experience with a lawyer was not a pleasant one. I felt that my case did not get the attention that it deserved. So when I got arrested a second time I was very cautious in hiring the right person for my case. After going through the legal process for a second time I know that Geoffre...
  • Attorney recommendation from J.O. - child abuse attorney in Seattle, WA

    "Whenever I have a question or concern about a narrow point of law, I call Geoff. His knowledge and 'know how' about DUI law AND the technology is amazing. Even more impressive to me are his expressions of concern and care for his Clients. If someone in my family were to be charged with DUI, I wo...
  • Attorney recommendation from T.V. - DUI / DWI attorney in Kirkland, WA

    "I work with Geoff on a regular basis and can say I am a better lawyer for it. As one might imagine, being a DUI defense attorney often involves working with complex legal and scientific issues. Geoff is a master at being able to break such matters down to their simplest components so that they c...
  • "Great Lawyer" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Mr. Burg did an outstanding job with my case and was able to reach our goal of dismissing many of the charges. He always kept me up to speed on everything and gave me personal updates by phone instead of just sending me information by mail or email. I would recommend him for any case and plan on ...
  • "Excellent Lawyer.... Highly Recommended" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    I would highly recommend Geoffrey Burg. Geoffrey handled my case effectively and efficiently and achieved the best possible results given my situation. Mr. Burg’s experience and expertise in his field allowed me to consider all options before taking the appropriate course of action. Prior to reta...
  • "I Highly Recommend Geoffrey Burg!!!!!!!!!!!!" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    I would Highly recommend Geoff!!!!! Geoffrey Burg was a GODSEND During this time of turmoil in my life. Geoff was very professional and client oriented. He was straight forward and very hands on in relation to my case. He was very knowledgeable about the law. As soon as i stepped into his office ...
  • Client in Fear of Losing Job for Washington State DUI Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    I know how you feel and I am sorry you are faced with finding a lawyer to represent you. The seriousness of a DWI can follow you for the rest of your life not to mention the immediate impacts it will have on your life. All circumstances are different in DWI cases and while there are no “guarantee...
  • " If you are facing a DUI, this is your guy!" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff was awesome! He gently guided me through a very difficult time. He answered all of my questions and concerns in a way in which I could understand my options. His follow-up is amazing. I recently had a question about my case, nearly three years later, and he got back to me immediately with a...
  • "Above and beyond the call of duty." Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff made the process of dealing with a potential DUI transparent and objective. He is a professional, his staff is professional, and they went beyond what was asked of them to ensure I fulfilled every requirement set down by the courts to downgrade a potential DUI to a lesser non-life damaging ...
  • Attorney recommendation from K.T. - DUI / DWI attorney in Seattle, WA

    "I endorse this lawyer's work. Geoff is the most organized and helpful attorney to not only his clients but other lawyers in the field who are struggling to understand this complicated area of law."
  • "Amazing Lawyer" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff is an amazing lawyer. A good friend recommended him and it was the best decision I made. He’s very understanding. His knowledge of the law and what to expect makes you feel very comfortable from the very beginning. He was able to reduce my charges dramatically.
  • Testimonial by Ken Who Had Two DUI Cases in Seattle Municipal Court Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    In August of 2007, I was unfortunately arrested for a DUI by the Seattle police. After interviewing many attorneys, I hired Geoff Burg to handle my case. Over the months that followed of going through the court process, Mr. Burg was able to get my DUI charge reduced to a ‘Negligent-1‘. As people ...
  • Attorney recommendation from H.S. - DUI / DWI attorney in Bellevue, WA

    "Geoff is tremendously gifted and efficient as a criminal defense attorney. He knows ever angle and issue involved in DUI defense and uses them all to defend his clients."
  • Attorney recommendation from A.C. - Car / Auto Accident Lawyer in Bellevue, WA

    "Geoff is top on my list of great DUI and criminal defense attorneys in the Seattle area. Whenever I get a call from a client or friend needing this kind of help, I tell them to call Geoff. I've known Geoff for over 17 years on both a professional and personal level and his dedication to his clie...
  • "Made a terrible experience less terrible" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff Burg is an awesome lawyer! Once he took my case, I received frequent communication from him via text, phone, and email, and felt secure that he was actively working towards our goal: case dismissal. He was knowledgeable and informed me of all my options and possible outcomes, including thos...
  • "Oustanding Legal Counseling!" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoffrey Burg & his firm’s legal support throughout my first (& hopefully last), defendant experience within our legal system, from first contact through final settlement, was outstanding. They provided top quality legal advice & guidance, with patience and understanding, helping make the experie...
  • "Incredible experience" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff is by far the best lawyer I’ve ever worked with. He’s obviously well respected and knows the community. He’s extremely good communicator; nearly always accessible or very prompt replies. He did an excellent job of setting reasonable expectations of what the process was, helping me get thing...
  • Unconstitutional Stop - Case Dismissed Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff was recommended to me by an acquaintance and I could not be happier with the representation I received. He is a tough guy, efficient, and professional, but sensitive as well. I felt supported by him, and he helped to calm me when needed. Geoff did not give up on my case, and we ended up ...
  • "Great excellent" from foreign citizen in King County District Court. Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Best lawyer ever we work. Before. Excellent R.P.
  • Lynwood Municipal Court Client Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff Burg helped protect and guide me through a terrible experience. I have no doubt, without his superior knowledge and expertise, the outcome would have been more painful, expensive and unfair and would have had severe adverse consequences for my career and personal life. I felt well guarded a...
  • "Great service!" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Mr. Burg was really knowledgeable and patient. He kept in touch frequently and discussed all details clearly. He helped me out of a DUI charge.
  • From Randy, a fantastic carpenter and builder. Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoffrey is very professional and showed me great compassion for my circumstances. I respect him as an attorney and a friend.
  • "Great Laywer that gets results!" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff has helped me with 2 DUI’s in the past 10 years. The first I was found not guilty at trial due to his knowledge of the law. The latest that involved a minor accident was reduced to a reckless driving charge and he won my DOL hearing. Geoff is very responsive and knowledgeable and well worth...
  • "Superb experience every step of the way" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff Burg is a high integrity guy. He knows his stuff and has a calming, professional demeanor that immediately sets you at ease. I contacted Geoff to help me with a DUI charge. He explained my options clearly and was totally open and honest with me at every step of the way. He was always there ...
  • "5 Stars All Around" from a Seattle Municipal Court DUI Client Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff did a fantastic job for me. He achieved an outcome that far exceeded my expectations and did so in a professional and reassuring manner. This was tough experience, Geoff made it easier.
  • "Excellent" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff was recommended to me from a friend and I was told I would not be disappointed and he was right. I was able to get my case dropped from a potentially career ending DUI to barely a blemish on my record. I was also able to keep my license. The court process couldn’t have been any easier for m...
  • "Best attorney one could ask for." From a young professional. Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff resolved my BUI case in a single day! His rates are very reasonable and he is easy to get in contact with. I cannot speak highly enough about Geoff and the work in which he did. He is personable and informative and honestly, just a great guy! I have sent his information to all of my friends...
  • "Great Attorney" From a former FBI agent and airline pilot. Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    I was a guy who has never had any legal problems in 63 years of life. I had never even come close to having an encounter with the police or the court system for anything. The only attorneys I had ever used was for estate planning and a civil action. However, that changed in an instant one afte...
  • "Exceptional Review" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    “You have enough to worry about. Regarding the legal side of things, let me worry for you.” My initial conversation with Geoff Burg left me feeling overwhelmingly confident in his abilities as a defense trial attorney. I felt constantly reassured of his full attention and concern as he steered me...
  • Attorney recommendation from G.O. DUI / DWI Attorney in Seattle, WA

    “Geoff Burg is an experienced and aggressive attorney. He is able to defend your rights while maintaining important working relationships with opposing counsel, judges and colleagues. Geoff also does not carry around an ego, but instead chooses to focus his energy upon quality representation and ...
  • Attorney recommendation from R.S., civil litigation lawyer in Seattle, WA

    “I highly recommend Geoff Burg for DUI and related criminal defense matters. He has helped a number of friends and clients of mine, and is the first person I call whenever criminal defense services in these areas are needed. He is smart, creative, trustworthy, ethical, cost-effective, hard-workin...
  • Attorney recommendation from A.W. - DUI / DWI attorney in Kirkland, WA

    “Geoff is an excellent attorney. I have known him since I began practicing law as a prosecutor. He is a diligent worker who gets favorable results for his clients.”
  • Attorney recommendation from R.P. - litigation lawyer in Bellevue, WA

    "When a close family member needed representation in a DUI matter, I sent them immediately to Geoff's firm. He is an accomplished and renowned expert in his field, with the track record to prove it. On top of all that, he's smart, creative, and one of the most well-respected attorneys in the comm...
  • Attorney recommendation from D.R. - DUI / DWI attorney in Naperville, WA

    "I endorse this lawyer's work. Geoffrey is highly respected by fellow attorneys as a successful DUI/DWI attorney. If arrested for DUI/DWI, call him first!"
  • Attorney recommendation from T.M. - DUI / DWI attorney in Seattle, WA

    "Geoff is a stalwart of the Washington DUI defense community. His creativity and hard work has benefitted not only his clients, but the entire defense bar as well. I give Geoff my highest endorsement."
  • Attorney recommendation from J.R. - DUI / DWI attorney in Bellingham, WA

    “Geoff's valuable contribution and activism on the legislative front makes him one of Washington's most knowledgeable DUI lawyers. The combination of this knowledge with his skill as a trial lawyer makes him a formidable opponent to prosecutors.”
  • Attorney Recommendation from V.S. - DUI / DWI Attorney in Bellevue, WA

    "Geoff is master at representing those accused of DUI. Without reservation I endorse him for your consideration as the right attorney to represent you. He is thorough in his preparation, knows the law, and delivers the absolute best in the courtroom for his clients. I have seen Geoff in trial and...
  • Attorney recommendation from B.R. - DUI / DWI attorney in Seattle, WA

    "Geoffrey is an exceptional attorney. He has a strong passion for helping his clients. He has a wealth of knowledge and uses his experience to provide remarkable advocacy. A great choice for those facing criminal charges."
  • Attorney recommendation from A.K. - DUI / DWI attorney in Seattle, WA

    “Geoff is an amazing advocate — not only for his clients, but for all citizens of Washington. He represents the interests of his clients with passion and intensity, treating each with care and attention. He fights for the best possible result in every case, and does not hesitate to use creative a...
  • Attorney recommendation from P.P. - DUI / DWI attorney in Seattle, WA

    "I first observed Geoff as an attorney fighting in court to protect his client's rights. Since then I have had the privilege to work side-by side with Geoff for almost eight years. Every day I am impressed by his meticulous preparation and attention to detail in representing his clients. I whole-...
  • Attorney recommendation from N.W. - DUI / DWI attorney in Seattle, WA

    “Geoff's work in the field of DUI defense is well-known and respected, by adversaries and colleagues alike. He is tenacious in his defense of his clients and always has their best interests in mind. Geoff is a very talented and extremely knowledgeable attorney.”
  • "Wholehearted endorsement"

    Dear Geoffrey: I must thank you once again!!!! I had the fortunate experience to meet with Geoffrey Burg in his office earlier this year to discuss an upcoming case issue I was involved with. There are so many strong legal minds in the Seattle area that sometimes choosing the correct advocate ...
  • Attorney recommendation from D.J. - fellow attorney in the community.

    “When I first started practicing law in Seattle in 1999, Geoff was one of the attorneys that I looked up to for his legal skills, work ethic, and willingness to share with other lawyers in the defense community for the collective benefit of our clients. I look up to him still to this day and am p...
  • Attorney recommendation from J.D. - DUI / DWI attorney in Mill Creek, WA

    “I endorse this lawyer's work. Geoff is one of the most knowledgeable, forthright, tenacious advocates I've ever had the privilege to see in action. When I was just an intern, still learning the ropes, Geoff was always ready to answer a question or give a piece of advice. Now Geoff is at the top ...
  • Attorney recommendation from A.K. - criminal defense attorney in Seattle, WA

    “I endorse this lawyer's work. Simply one of the best.”
  • Attorney recommendation from R.F. - criminal defense attorney in Seattle, WA

    “Geoff is a superb attorney. He is personable and extremely knowledge attorney who understands the complex maze of defending DUIs. Because I do not have a DUI practice, Geoff is one of the very few attorneys, who I refer DUI cases.:
  • "Completely Satisfied" from a Microsoft Employee Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff was a fantastic attorney and I’m very happy that I chose him to defend me against my DUI charge. He was patient in answering my questions, kept me at ease, was responsive, prompt, carefully explained next steps, gave clear advice, and was able to deliver the reduced charges discussed during...
  • "Professional with a DUI" in Seattle Municipal Court Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    In December of 2009 I was pulled over for suspected DUI after a work Christmas party. I was not charged immediately because I had a blood draw due to a health condition. Despite not being charged, I went out and spoke with a variety of attorneys because I needed my license for my job since I was ...
  • "Very Helpful" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very responsive and did a good job with my case.
  • From Joe, with a Kirkland, Washington DUI Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    I have had the pleasure of having been represented by Geoff Burg three times over the last eight years. In each case Geoff had a winning strategy resulting in one case being completely dismissed, and two cases reduced. Geoff is a leader in this industry, he is involved in DUI law at the State and...
  • "Great Lawyer" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Geoff did a fantastic job with my case. He was very responsive to all my questions and did a great job in the court room as well. I will certain recommend him to my friends.
  • "Brilliant and very accomodating Attorney" Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    I have engaged Geoff on 2 occasions to represent me and in both cases he won. Geoff was very straightforward to deal with, very honest, his fees never changed and he really fought for me. He is the kind of lawyer that you want on your side!! He never asked me to take an early plea deal, fought th...
  • "Experienced and Thoughtful" From a senior executive in King County that travels to Canada Recommends Geoffrey Burg

    Let me start off by saying it was clear from the beginning Geoffrey knew what he was doing and provided council in a thoughtful personal manner. From the moment I met with him the stress level was greatly reduced. Every conversation was handled with integrity, honesty and professionalism. He pres...
  • Geoff was amazing!

    From my initial meeting with Geoff, I knew working with him was a no brainer. I was referred to him by a friend and am very grateful I was. Geoff laid everything out for me to understand in our initial meeting and didn't sugar coat anything either which was nice. The step by step packet he provid...
  • I must thank you once again!!!!

    I had the fortunate experience to meet with Geoffrey Burg in his office earlier this year to discuss an upcoming case issue I was involved with. There are so many strong legal minds in the Seattle area that sometimes choosing the correct advocate seems like a daunting task. Geoffrey met and exc...
  • Highest recommendation...

    Geoffrey Burg handled my case with compassion, insight and great attentiveness. His relaxed demeanor and incomparable knowledge of the system immediately put me at ease, and made a scary time infinitely less traumatic. Geoffrey was recommended to me by several experienced attorneys, and I am so g...
  • "[T]reated with fairness, honesty and respect."

    I recommend Geoffrey Burg to anyone that wants to be treated with fairness, honesty and respect. He was available for questions anytime, and was very reassuring. He followed through with what he said at the beginning of my case. He was fast and efficient. Because of Geoffrey the charges were amen...
  • "[H]e went above and beyond" from employee of large software company

    After being recently arrested I was worried and needed some answers to questions as quickly as possible. While I had access to free law help through my work I found the Law Offices of Geoffrey Burg to be much more helpful as well as much faster then the lawyers my Company provided. I decided t...
  • Success!

    I was incredibly nervous about my case until I finally met with Geoff. His professionalism and his plan of action was really impressive and it allowed me to relax a little. In the courtroom, his demeanor, I felt, was much more controlled than the other attorneys present. While the others scramble...
  • Geoff Burg is amazing!!

    Geoff Burg and his team are incredibly professional and overall amazing. First time being in a legal crisis and Geoff walked me through what would happen step by step. He got back to me right away with any question that I had. The case was dismissed and I know I have him to thank. Not planning on...
  • Excellent outcome

    I made a mistake, was charged with DUI, and was totally embarrassed and humbled. Geoff Burg did not shame me, instead, he was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. He guided me through the court process and ended up with a favorable outcome for my situation. He was realistic, practical an...
  • Defense attorney you need

      I would give 10 stars if that was possible, Geoff and team are professional, courteous, and totally on top of everything. If you need a defense lawyer I highly recommend law offices of Geoffrey Burg, you won't regret it, they did so well, they got my alleged case dismissed, when I didn't...
  • Greatest of all time!

    Need a lawyer? Well, you better hire Geoff Burg if you want someone to defend you from start to finish. Geoff is very professional and will keep you updated on what's going on (not a lot of lawyers do that anymore). All of your questions will be answered in a timely manner. I wish I could give hi...
  • DUI Expert!

    Geoff was so transparent and helpful throughout this whole process. Any time I had questions or concerns, he made himself available to make sure we were on the same page. It was such a relief to know that I could rely on good counsel and professionalism from both him and his office. Couldn't be h...
  • Client

    Geoff was great to work with, knowledgeable, friendly, and knew his stuff. I threw many questions at him and he was happy to help answer all of them. This was my first (and last) experience with getting a DUI. Geoff guided me to take the appropriate steps and expedited the process. In being proac...
  • Expert, organized, detailed, effective, grateful

    We had a great experience with Geoffrey Burg's legal representation. Geoffrey was an expert in his field and very organized and detailed in his work. He explained everything to us as parents step by step, which was very helpful since we had never been through something like this before. Geoffrey ...
  • Would Recommend

    Geoff and his Legal Assistant Ana were a pleasure to work with. Geoff is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He was very honest and transparent from the beginning. He gave the facts of the situation and will lay out options with the pros and cons of each. I highly recommend Geoff and his...
  • Best possible outcome

    This was my first introduction to the legal system and Geoff was so kind and patient with me. I am so great full of the outcome and would recommend him 11/10
  • Grateful

    Recently, our daughter was in need of legal representation for an alcohol related incident. After careful research, she retained the services of Geoffrey Burg.From the beginning, Mr. Burg was thorough and honest with our daughter about her options, and about possible outcomes. It was a stressful,...

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